J&R Residence

Jilo & Ralph


The cozy getaway off the beaten tourist tracks

We are located near Anda on the beautiful Island of Bohol which is widely known for its stunningly white beaches, its crystal clear water and its impressive underwater world.

Within only one and a half hours you can escape the tropical tranquility of our Resort and drive to Tagbilaran, the Capital of Bohol. From Tagbilaran, you can catch a plane to Manila (about 1 hour flight time) or a Fast Ferry to Cebu.

Our Apartments/Houses are situated 12 meters above sea level with a breathtaking view of the Ocean with its offshore Coral Reef and with direct access to one of Bohol’s most beautiful white beaches. Enjoy the tropical scenery from your private terrace or our generous pool. Experience unforgettable sunsets, interesting snorkeling tours with our Resort Cruiser as well as relaxing beach walks to the town of Anda and get pampered in our overlooking “Sea Breeze Bar & Restaurant”

We are looking forward to welcome you!