Modern PADI Dive Shop with Camera Room in Anda, Bohol

Dive with us at J&R Residence


Diving in Anda is just beautiful! With it’s 15 km long intact Reef, Anda is one of the best dive sites around Bohol.

Our Dive-Partner is the “Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa”. The professional Dive-Crew of Amun Ini has defined more than 30 dive spots at our shore line, showing the amazing underwater world. We have wonderful coral gardens, breathtaking drop-off’s, plenty of colorful fishes, the smallest Seahorse, big turtles, dancing Mandarin Fishes, snails you never saw before.

A modern PADI Dive Shop with camera room, excellent equipment and the the best Dive-Crew in Anda is waiting for you. For more information visit